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Lethal Company skins coming to Fortnite soon

Data miners leaked that the successful indie cooperative horror will be included in the battle royale

After the arrival of the new season of Chapter 5 of Fortnite: Rampage, the data miners of Epic Games' Battle Royale have gotten down to work and have leaked some of the new content that will come to the game, thus revealing a surprising collaboration with Lethal Company, the successful cooperative horror indie that shined since the end of 2023 and remains an established sensation.

In a new post On Twitter/X today, reliable leaker @HYPEX revealed possible Lethal Company-themed cosmetics possibly coming to Fortnite. HYPEX had no further details on the release date of this collaboration. However, they showed off both a Lethal Company skin such as the backpack and the “pickaxe” transformed into a stop sign.

Another prominent Fortnite leaker, user @ShiinaBR, also showed off an upcoming “Company Jig” emote for the Lethal Company crossover. This included a short video of the gesture in action via Twitter.

Lethal Company: A resounding success thanks to streamers and groups of friends

Arriving in early access in October 2023 and created by Zeekerss as a solo developer, Lethal Company earned rave reviews and praise from critical audiences during its early access; something that has continued even today.

In fact, this cooperative game seemed to further influence games like Content Warning, which similarly took the indie scene by storm last April after being offered as a free game on Steam for a limited time, surpassing 7 million downloads and then 1 million copies sold.

This being a successful independent game, it is a gratifying surprise for lovers of experiences created by smaller studios that it is taken into account for a crossover with Fortnite.

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