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Rumor: Creative Assembly is working on a Total War: Star Wars

The SEGA studio would also be working on two other Total War strategy games

23 years ago, fans of the franchise created by George Lucas had their first RTS titled Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, developed by Ensemble Studios together with Lucasfilm Games and Westlake Interactive and published by EA and Square. Since then, the saga has not had a new RTS worthy of lovers of real-time strategy games, but it seems that this time is about to end.

Now, in a recent report by DualShockers, SEGA developer Creative Assembly is said to be working on a new Total War game based on the Star Wars universe.

The report mentions that the studio is working on three new Total War titles, with one of these being based on Star Wars. It's unclear which of the games is closer to completion, but SEGA typically releases a new installment year after year. The most recent was last year's Total War: Pharaoh, developed by Bulgaria-based Creative Assembly Sofia.

Creative Assembly is currently developing a massive update for Total War: Pharoh, while their other projects are not officially announced after the cancellation of Hyenas and other unannounced projects. Recall that SEGA announced that the cancellations of some of Creative Assembly's projects and staff reductions were aimed at “reducing costs.”

A Star Wars RTS is a safe space for Creative Assembly

Following the layoffs, Sega Sammy CEO Haruki Satomi mentioned that “Simply put, Creative Assembly was good at offline games in the RTS genre, but they took on the challenge of developing Hyenas, an online game in the FPS genre.” .

“However, although the game itself was good, we decided to cancel the development of Hyenas because we did not think it would reach a quality that would satisfy our users when we considered whether we could really operate it as a competitive online game for a long time. time frame."

He added: “As part of the structural reform process focused on Creative Assembly, we intend to optimize workflow and focus its resources on the development of its specialized genres.”

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