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Riot prepares big changes for competitive League of Legends

Leagues from across the Americas region will merge into one and three international tournaments will take place in 2025

It has been known for some time that the competitive scene of League of Legends, the successful MOBA from Riot Games, needed a change in structure for its own sustainability and that of the teams that are part of it, and it seems that this will happen from 2025 .

Through the most recent League of Legends development update where things are discussed about what will come next to the game that includes the competitive field, John Needham, President of Riot Esports and Chris Greeley, Head of Strategy at LoL Esports confirmed the new changes that will come from next year.

One of the most notable changes that they include in the Latin American region is that the LLA Clausura Tournament will be the last Split in our region, since it will merge with the North American LCS and the Brazilian CBLol, inspired by the format it has. Valorant with the Americas League. Something similar will happen with the Asian region.

“While we are happy to see these three regions progress, we believe we have the opportunity to join forces in a new Pan American league that will be beneficial for fans, teams and professionals,” Riot explained in a statement.

Starting with the first season of 2025, the new tournament will be divided into two conferences: North and South. One of these will be made up of six teams from the LCS, one from the LLA and a guest team. The other will have six CBLoL teams, one from the LLA and an organization invited by promotion and relegation through the level 2 system, giving a total of eight teams per conference.

This is how Americas splits would work in League of Legends:
  • Split 1: Teams first compete in their respective conferences, with the best teams qualifying for inter-conference play, and from there, only one team will qualify for the new global tournament.
  • Split 2: for the MSI, the best team from each conference will have a guaranteed spot, giving a total of two teams from the Americas
  • Split 3: Americas regional championship will send three teams to Worlds, with at least one team from each conference

According to Riot, this restructuring will allow them to look for the strengths of each region, increase the number of fans and improve competitiveness and optimize the path to professional gaming; and that they will reveal the selection process for teams from both conferences later this year.

Now there will be three international events starting in 2025

Another of the most important announcements for competitive LoL is that starting next year a new event will be added to its rotation of international tournaments that will accompany the MSI and the Worlds.

“With a potential shift to five regions in total (Americas, LEC, LCK, LPL and APAC), we gave a new lease of life to our international event venue division. “Each region will have one spot in our new event (5 teams total), two spots in the MSI (10 teams total), and three spots in Worlds,” Riot mentioned.

“Additionally, the MSI champion and the second-best performing region will earn additional Worlds spots for their leagues, bringing the total Worlds teams to 17. Worlds 2025 will include Play-Ins as a single-match Best of 5, after which the winner will join the rest of the 15 qualified teams directly in the Swiss system phase.”

Several competitive League of Legends teams will be out

As expected, after structural changes as big as this, many teams from many regions will be left out, including those that are part of the LLA.

The American leagues (LCS, LLA and CBLoL) and the APAC League (LCO [Australia], VCS [Vietnam], PCS [Asia-Pacific] and LJL [Japan]), will clearly reduce the quota for some teams when they are formed starting in 2025 with 16 teams for America and 28 for APAC.

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