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Review | X-Men 97

The children of the atom are back to save the MCU and in the process tell you one of the best stories in the superhero genre

Fanservice can be an interesting weapon to use; as a general rule, large productions that abuse fan service tend to sink the product, destroying the memory of it in the process.

We have several examples, such as the use of Batman in The Flash, the third installment of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, etc. But there are few occasions when fanservice, or the power of nostalgia, can be used not only as a commercial tool, but as a way to show appreciation for the product you are creating, and X-97 is full of appreciation. and love everywhere.

Starting from the iconic introduction that not only recreates the most special moments of the original series. In addition, it adds new elements such as small previews of what we will see in each episode, and of course the soundtrack that brings back that characteristic emotion of the X-Men.

The animation of X-Men 97 unites nostalgia with modernity

In the early 2000s, traditional animation was taking a backseat, both in film and television. This is why many high-quality animated films suffered a terrible box office, such as The Prince of Egypt, El Dorado and many more.

This was due to the evolution of the studios by adding 3-D as a new paradigm within animation. But it must be clarified that, for many, including me, the magic that is obtained from traditional animation is very difficult, (almost impossible to replicate), using digital animation. That's why I was happy to see how they used 3-D elements with 2-D backgrounds, and not only that, they went a little further by adding life to the character models using digital elements.

X-Men 97 Review

Small details such as the use of shadows, the character models, clothing, light, and above all the powers (or the use of abilities), are what I highlight the most when talking about the visual section of X-Men 97. But let's talk about which is undoubtedly the most important aspect, or at least one of the defining ones, that separates X-Men 97 from the rest of the animated series, and even distances it a bit from its previous version.

Series Writing Gives Hope to Marvel's Future

We always complain when we see poor writing in movie scripts. Marvel, (like the name of Namor, or the events of Ant-man 3, Secret Invasion, etc.). But there are few moments in which a decent script is constructed, with an interesting story, that talks about different nuances, attacks various themes, and is not just limited to quick, meaningless jokes.

I think that this evolution in the genre is a way of showing a certain respect to the audience, and thinking that the viewer can understand complex phenomena that the characters go through without making it boring.

On the contrary, I would say that by adding conflict to a work you can fill it with a genuine interest in seeing how feelings, emotions, and disputes develop in the story.

X-Men 97 maintains the conflict between Professor X and Magneto

Without giving much spoiler, I will tell you that social and moral conflict is plagued throughout this season. We see how the values ​​of our protagonists collide with the world around them, the X-Men, as always, seek to be accepted by society (or at least respected), always using the values ​​imposed by Professor Charles Xavier, but these “Idealistic” values ​​almost always collide with reality. Well, in this world, as in ours, accepting change is something complex, which almost always leads to destruction.

X-Men 97 Review

On the other side of the coin we have Erick Magnus (Magneto), antagonist and best friend of Professor (Mutants), but he does it through violence, and to be honest, under the magnifying glass in which X-Men 97 presents him, it is difficult not to feel empathy for the way Magnus sees humanity.

Humanity is presented as an antagonistic force to mutants, constantly seeking their dominance and, although it may sound controversial, its ultimate goal is to eliminate any element that deviates from its social norms. This originates from the oppression and rejection that society exerts on mutants, not only for their physical mutations, but also for their powers, which has always been a central point in the history of the X-Men.

Completely respects the original concept of the 90s series

Nowadays we may be tired/bored of hearing about “forced inclusion”, but in the 90s, this group emerged specifically to address these issues. In fact, in the film saga this concept is respected, since being a mutant is a complex issue for the individual to accept and tell the world about the rejection he may have.

Although it may not seem like it, these issues that continue to cause controversy today, have always been there, the only difference is that the approach with which they are told is usually propagandistic and they lose their meaning. In this work I find it magnificent how it manages to avoid falling into this trope of selling you inclusion, and in reality it uses social conflicts, such as the rejection of what is different, hatred and fear, to tell a powerful story, full of references, meaning and powerful messages.

I emphasize one of many scenes, this one occurs in an interview that supposedly seeks for mutants to be seen in a “better way”, but the líder of the “Ciclope” team breaks into anger when remembering his lost son and says these words:

“Because you are normal, you are ungrateful, we risked our lives for you, evil mutants, crazy alien robots, I gave up my son because you can never say thank you, because I have to put up with your questions, because I have to prove that I am a person…, The truth is that we are not like you, and that is good, because it is the only reason that you are still alive.”


What a powerful message, it not only tells us about the level of the script, but about the evolution and seriousness with which these characters are taken. This comment comes from one of the kindest, firmest and most reliable characters in the series, “the boy scout par excellence”, but it shows that even with the values ​​he acts on, there is a certain part of him that feels suspicious and that does not forget the treatment. that has been given to mutants, demonstrating that in each individual there is conflict, since no one is just black or white.

X-Men 97 is loaded with great messages and ideas, which are not only left in the background by its animation, I think Beau Demayo did an excellent job, since he understood his characters perfectly and used them to send the social messages that They are written on the pages of the comics. I don't know how much presence he will have in the second season, but it is undoubtedly thanks to his vision that this revival was able to shine in style.

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X-Men 97 is a work that is loaded with powerful messages that talk about social conflict, fear, rejection and power, but it does so in such a brilliant way that it is enjoyable and does not bore you trying to sell you these messages, On the contrary, he uses them to enhance his story and revive a universe that is increasingly in decline. 

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X-Men 97 is a work that is loaded with powerful messages that talk about social conflict, fear, rejection and power, but it does so in such a brilliant way that it is enjoyable and does not bore you trying to sell you these messages, On the contrary, he uses them to enhance his story and revive a universe that is increasingly in decline. Review | X-Men 97