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The Power Rangers return with an incredible Beat'em up

Developed by Digital Eclipse, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Rita's Rewind is already a title fully anticipated by many players

This year's Summer Game Fest has certainly presented us with a couple of surprises, among which is 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Rita's Rewind'. An arcade beat'em up that really excited the fans and for good reasons.

Although a specific date was not given, we know that it will arrive on Steam sometime this year in 2024. However, its artistic section and the gameplay of the trailer have already sold the game to many people.

With absolutely polished Pixelart, this game presents players with a 5-player cooperative Beat'em up adventure where they must defeat a robotic Rita Repulsa through time travel.

The setting and story are perfect for a title of this genre, but in the trailer they did not present a conventional Beat'em up. The trailer showed some phases in vehicles that attracted a lot of attention, in addition to the iconic fights with the Megazord.

The trailer is a love letter, both for fans of the series and for fans of Arcade games. It respects many elements that made both products so iconic at the time.

Without a doubt, Power Rangers: Rita's Rewind is one of the best titles that was presented to us during this Summer Game Fest 2024 and this title has been one of the ones that stood out the most from the long 2-hour conference.

If you are equally interested in this title, you can take a look at your steam page. Although it is empty at the moment, there is no doubt that they will update it, announcing release dates and minimum requirements for those who have it added to the Wishlist list.

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