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Redfall releases its latest update with offline mode and more

Single player breaks, a new weapon, new playable systems have been added to finalize the game's support.

With the closure of Arkane Austin, the studio promised that the latest Redfall update would arrive soon, which it finally did. Update 4 is now available on Xbox and PC, adding the ability to play the game offline and much more.

It also adds the ability to pause the game in single player mode. “Now, if you need some time to adjust your gear, or just need to step away for a minute, the world of Redfall will wait for you,” Arkane says..

A new reputation bar called Community Standing has also been added, where players can increase their rank by completing Safehouse missions, rescuing civilians, and killing Underbosses, unlocking up to 39 permanent perks.

Finally, the update adds new boss-focused Nests that include “dangerously modified special vampires.”

“We are proud to bring you Redfall game update 4,” the studio said in a statement. on your blog.

“We are grateful for the millions of players who have joined us. From everyone at Arkane Austin, thank you for playing our games and loving our worlds, it has been an honor to bring you these experiences.”

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