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XDefiant producer responds to accusations of the game's “hasty launch”

Mark Rubin assured that it has not been easy to make the game work when using a graphics engine planned for an MMO in a shooter like XDefiant

With the arrival of XDefiant season 1 on July 2, along with a new faction, new weapons, maps and competitive mode, the game community has been divided thanks to constant bugs and errors in some sections of the game . With this, Mark Rubin, executive producer of the game, has made his thoughts on the matter clear.

Speaking on social media, Mark Rubin explained That XDefiant is built on an MMO engine and as such, there have been teething problems when the free-to-play shooter was released to the public.

In response to an Therefore, the entire infrastructure for an FPS had to be built from scratch.

“Even CoD started with ID technology, which was a shooter engine. Apex started with a shooter engine. But we are working on developing all the new technology in an engine that was designed for something more.”

Rubin continued: “The engine is really cool, but it requires a lot of work and with that work comes a lot of bugs that other engines have already fixed. We are not a shooting game that has been on the market for 20 years. If you like what we're trying to do, stick around and you'll see things get better and new features added. But if the game is not for you, no problem, you can move on.”

XDefiant has had a complex development process since its announcement

When XDefiant was revealed in 2022, the game still had the title “Tom Clancy's”, and it was not until a year later that it moved to the “Ubisoft Originals” line with some very different features than what was seen in the reveal trailer.

In 2023, XDefiant had its first closed beta test, which attracted a large number of players excited by the 6v6 shooter that featured Ubisoft's most recognized franchises. However, during its open beta testing, the game had less positive feedback than before, and that's when Mark Rubin's team noticed that the game was still too green to release.

XDefiant is built on Ubisoft's Snowdrop engine. It was created for Tom Clancy's The Division, a third-person shooter role-playing game. It has since been used for Mario+Rabbids, South Park: The Fractured but Whole, and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

While it's proven to be a versatile graphics engine, it's fair to say that making a dedicated FPS will bring some issues for developers to resolve, and that was just what happened during the time where the game was absent until its release in May. of this year.

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