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FIFA President reveals that his new video game is in development

Gianni Infantino assured that they are working with new partners amid the rumors of the license acquired by 2K

In 2022, Electronic Arts made the decision not to continue its agreement with FIFA to develop its games and the last EA game with the organization's license would arrive in 2023, later naming its football simulator EA Sports FC.

After the end of the agreement, the re-elected president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, expressed confidence with his next football video game without Electronic Arts, mentioning that “it will be better than any other”, referring to EA Sports FC 24. Now, a year later , the president of the federation has given more details of the new FIFA football title.

Recently, FIFA President Gianni Infantino took the stage and revealed that the organization is working with new partners to develop a new 'e-game'.

“We will develop a new electronic game, because a football simulation game is called FIFA. For hundreds of millions of kids around the world, when they play a soccer simulation game, they play FIFA. "You can't give it another name," says Infantino. during a conferencea.

Infantino confirmed that they are working with new partners to create a new game, but no one knows what it will be or how it will work. The federation itself has a lot of competition currently, as EA Sports FC achieved the same reception without the license, while Konami prepared eFootball as a free game-as-a-service and UFL, another free-to-play football simulator developed and published by Strikerz Inc. that has scheduled to arrive in 2024.

Who could own the new FIFA license?

Entering the purely speculative field, in recent weeks it has been rumored that 2K Games, a developer that is part of Take-Two Interactive (also owners of Rockstar Games and Zynga) would be the new holder of the FIFA license.

They claim that FIFA and 2K have entered into a new partnership and fans won't have to wait long to see what's coming from the two. FIFA 2K25 will supposedly be released later this year in preparation for the FIFA World Cup in 2026. It is also mentioned that 2K Games would have the full license with more than 35 soccer leagues and more than 800 teams.

2K Games is no stranger to sports games. Currently, they develop titles such as Topspin 2K25 (Tennis), WWE 2K24 (Wrestling), NBA 2K24 (Basketball) and LEGO 2K Drive (racing).

It is important to mention that FIFA, Take-Two Interactive, nor 2K Games have made an official statement on the matter. For this reason, from the editorial team we recommend taking this information with great caution.

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