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Playtonic reveals Yooka-Replaylee, a remaster of the 2017 platformer

The new version of Yooka-Laylee will arrive on current generation consoles and PC with an improved camera and controls along with new challenges

During the Guerilla Collective stream, Playtonic announced Yooka-Replaylee, the remastered, enhanced and definitive version of 3's adorable 2017D indie platformer Yooka-Laylee by bringing together the same creative team behind absolute classics like Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country.

Experience the colorful and fun adventure of Mario and Sonic with renewed art and animations, new challenges, more secrets, new mechanics and accessibility options. The charismatic duo that took the gaming world by storm have never looked better in terms of looks or movement!

What new features does Playtonic reveal Yooka-Replaylee?

Firstly, this remaster is more beautiful than ever thanks to updated art and animations, and improved performance and resolution. Improved controls and camera such as a new set of tight movements allows you to combine movements more fluidly, while new camera controls make framing the action a real pleasure.

Coins have also been added to the game to give the player a new currency to collect and spend at Vendi, the smart vending machine. Vendi will once again offer tonics to the player, which act as game modifiers. Multiple tonics can now be equipped at once and new tonics have been added.

Existing challenges in the game have been improved and new challenges have been added. There's also a new world map and challenge tracker to help players better discover where they are and what they have left to do in the game.

Playtonic reveals Yooka-Replaylee, a remaster of the 2017 platformer

Last but not least, it will feature the original soundtrack by iconic composers Grant Kirkhope (Banjo-Kazooie) and David Wise (Donkey Kong Country) is back, but as a beautiful orchestral soundtrack.

For now, it remains without a set release window, but Playtonic will be holding a Q&A session at your YouTube channel on June 11 to discuss Yooka-Replaylee and answer questions players may have about the remaster.

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