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Sony hopes PC players will buy PS5 for exclusives

Hermen Hulst, one of SIE's new CEOs, stated that PC gamers are going to be more interested in console titles.

A few hours before Sony's State of Play, the company's new CEOs provided statements on networks about the future of the company and its market strategies.

Hermen Hulst & Hideaki Nishino who will be the new CEOs of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), recently declared their vision regarding the future of Sony, both in the console market and the PC market.

What will be these new Sony strategies?

Among their most notable statements, they stated that they plan to encourage PC players to buy a PS5 for the exclusive titles, since they prefer to offer a console experience with Triple A production singleplayer games on PlayStation rather than on PC.

On the other hand, they also stated that this strategy will only be related to singleplayer games, since games as services will be released on day one on both consoles and PC.

“The console is a technology that we developed from the bottom up to be able to provide a very good and excellent experience. The value of the console will continue to exist, our mission is to continue polishing and promoting it.” Hideaki Nishino stated.

“Of course we expect that some customers will switch from PC to console. Customers who are focused on PC, if they find value, will move to the console for their titles.” Nishino continued.

Helldivers 2 | Game as a service exclusive to PlayStation 5 and PC

PC users are PlayStation's new bet

Users were quick to be scandalized by these statements, since the only reason why this may be true is because Sony has not decided to make more ports of its titles to PC, generating a kind of monopoly with its IP's.

Parallel to that, Hermen Hulst stated that “As far as the live service is concerned, we will launch our titles simultaneously, that is, once the date is agreed, the launch will be on PlayStation 5 and PC.” As happened with Helldivers 2.

Sony has been reluctant to announce its exclusive titles on PC and when they have done so they have always delayed this possibility as long as possible, gamers believe this is due to their fear of the console losing its value against the market seen on PC.

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