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Sea of ​​Thieves was the best-selling PlayStation game in May

The multiplayer developed by Rare is positioned in first place in Sony console sales in Europe and North America

Since the launch of the multiplayer set in a pirate world developed by Rare, Sea of ​​Thieves, on PlayStation 5 on April 30, it has received a great reception from this new audience. So much so, that Microsoft's multiplatform movement seems to have borne fruit by managing to position itself as the best-selling PlayStation game in May.

Let us remember that in mid-February, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer, announced that along with other of its exclusive games such as Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment and Grounded, Sea of ​​Thieves would become multiplatform titles.

En a recent update Based on performance, Sony revealed that as of May in Europe and North America, Sea of ​​Thieves was the most downloaded game, dominating several other Triple A titles in both markets.

In Europe and North America, Sea of ​​Thieves effortlessly topped the PlayStation digital download charts, beating out games like Madden NFL 24, Grand Theft Auto V, Helldivers 2, and Stellar Blade. It's a testament to the power of this pirate-themed open-world title, which first launched in 2018 to positive reception and strong reviews.

In case you're not familiar, Sea of ​​Thieves offers the ultimate pirate experience, from sailing and combat to exploration and looting - everything to enjoy the pirate life and become a legend. By not having established functions, the player has complete freedom to confront the world and other sailors and cabin boys.

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