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LEGO Horizon Adventures will be present at the Summer Game Fest

Renowned leaker assured that the title will be available simultaneously on both PlayStation 5 and PC

In mid-May, rumors began that Sony would be very close to revealing a new LEGO game from the iconic Guerilla Games franchise. This game would be nothing more and nothing less than LEGO Horizon Adventures and would soon be announced at a PlayStation event.

Sony could be developing LEGO Horizon Adventures

The State of Play arrived, but without the presence of this rumored title. However, renowned Dealabs writer Billbil-kun who has a long history of accurate leaks, has declared that this project is real and will be revealed this Friday during the Summer Game Fest at 5 pm Venezuela time.

They also believe that based on the information they have, the game will release on both PS5 and PC on day one, as opposed to the typical staggered PC release that most non-live service PlayStation games get. It is important to mention that this game will also require a mandatory PlayStation Network account, leaving out more than 100 regions as happened with Helldivers 2, Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut and as will happen with Concord and with God of War: Ragnarok.

Billbil-kun also states that pre-orders for the game will open immediately after the announcement is made, but that a release date is not yet known.

But... What will LEGO Horizon Adventures be about?

The report mentions that, the game will be an action-adventure game that can be played solo or in co-op (suggesting that it may be similar to previous Lego games), and will also support cross-platform online co-op. The source also says that the game will have in-app purchases, but it's not yet clear how they will come into play.

Despite all this accurate information, the team recommends taking this information with great caution until we see its official reveal by Sony during the Summer Game Fest.

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