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Concord: The sci-fi FPS has been revealed and arrives this year on PS5 and PC

Firewalk Studios' debut first-person shooter will arrive on August 23 after a beta test in July

The May 30 State of Play was full of surprises even though it was partially leaked during the morning. The broadcast started in style with a new trailer for Concord, a science fiction FPS developed by Firewalk Studio, a PlayStation development team that was acquired by Sony in April 2023.

The game will arrive on PlayStation 5 and PC on August 23, with a beta to follow in July.

In short, it is a 5v5 team hero shooter, where players compete as 'freegunners' and have to face opposing teams.

The plot of Concord focuses on the crew of the Northstar, a group of hired guns known in our galaxy as Freegunners, these being where players will take on the role. Freegunners roam the stars performing high-risk jobs on wild space worlds, where they face off against other fiercely competitive Freegunner crews.

In addition to the gameplay, the State of Play presented a cinematic trailer of Concord, offering more context to its plot.

Once the game is available, it will reveal cinematic clips detailing the history of the Northstar team once it is available on August 23. Concord will feature 16 playable characters at launch, but of course, that's just the beginning, with plenty of free post-launch updates on the way.

When will the Concord beta be available?

Although the broadcast mentions that it will arrive in July, they did not give an exact date nor did they mention if it will be available for all PlayStation 5 and PC users.

We'll most likely hear more about what to expect next month as the team prepares for the beta period. Either way, players won't have to wait much longer after the beta releases, because Concord is scheduled to release on August 23.

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