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Astro Bot has been revealed as a new PlayStation 5 exclusive

PlayStation mascot Astro will finally star in his own full video game when it arrives this September 6

PlayStation mascot Astro will finally be able to shine on his own in his own full video game! During the State of Play on May 30, Team Asobi revealed Astro Bot, an exclusive title for PlayStation 5 full of personality with a new adventure of the charismatic robot that will arrive on September 6 of this year.

While, There were already rumors of his presence in the State of Play, the new game starring Astro has been a real surprise for many.

The character debuted in The Playroom, a collection of Augmented Reality games that came preloaded on PS4 consoles to showcase the abilities of the DualShock 4 controller and PlayStation Camera. This was followed by an appearance in The Playroom VR, another compilation for PlayStation VR that included a short platformer called Robot Rescue. This was expanded into a full-price game, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, which was exclusive to PlayStation VR.

However, the character's most popular appearance by far is the star of Astro's Playroom, a tech demo included with all PS5 consoles.

But... What is Astro Bot about?

Via the PlayStation Blog, Team Asobi described that in this new game, players will explore 6 galaxies and more than 80 levels in search of Astro's scattered crew.

“Hold on tight to your Dual Speeder and immerse yourself in each unique planet, from lush forests, sandy beaches, hot volcanoes to more surprising places, like a gigantic hourglass or the top of a singing tree,” the blog reads. . In the game, Astro will make use of 15 new abilities, taking full advantage of all the features of the DualSense.

The game also includes over 70 types of enemies to dance with, including a host of oversized bosses. On top of that, Astro Bot will encounter several PlayStation characters from the platform's back catalogue; You'll no doubt see PaRappa, Kratos, and a couple others in the trailer, and they seem to play a larger role in the adventure.

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