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League of Legends outrages players with a $400 skin

The Faker-inspired "Hall of Legends" event package caused a stir on social media by becoming the most expensive in the game

On Tuesday, May 28, Riot Games announced that a new League of Legends skin pack will soon be available for purchase in honor of Faker, the legendary esports athlete. Skin packs are something absolutely normal in the successful MOBA, however, some fans did not take kindly to its inclusion, since it has a value of $400 US dollars.

For the first time in 2024, Riot has introduced the “Hall of Legends“, which is essentially a Hall of Fame dedicated to the greatest LoL players of all time. Unsurprisingly, South Korean superstar Lee Sang-hyeok, better known as Faker, has become the first player to enter the Hall of Legends, leading him to also receive a dedicated line of skins of his choice within of LOL.

Riot fully outlined what to expect from this in-game Hall of Legends event. Not only does the game's next pass focus on Faker and include a skin for champion Leblanc, but Riot is also selling three variant skins for Ahri that feature some additional goodies tied to the T1 player.

All three of Ahri's skin tiers sell for quite a bit of money, with the lowest value selling for just over $40 in Riot Points (RP). However, the most expensive offering sells for 59.260 Riot Points, which is roughly equivalent to $400 ($360 in North America) in real money.

Ahri collection and content of each package:

  • Ahri Legendary Spirit Skin (5.430 Riot Points)
    • Hall of Legends Pass
    • Ahri Legendary Spirit Skin
    • Takedown Counter Taunt
    • Ahri (Champion)
    • Exclusive border
    • Exclusive icon and emote
  • Immortalized Legend Ahri Skin (32.430 Riot Points)
    • All content from the previous edition
    • Exclusive structure finishing visual effects
    • Exclusive Champion Finisher VFX
    • Custom visual presenter
    • Unique appearance transformations:
      3 forms of Demon King with unique voice acting
    • Demon's Chosen Transformation
      with Demon King player interface during the ultimate
  • Immortalized Legend Ahri Skin [SIGNATURE] (59.260 Riot Points)
    • All content from previous editions
    • Ahri Signature Skin Upgrades: Faker's Signature Move (Ctrl+5) and Faker's Structure Finisher
    • Title «Faker Final Boss»
    • Immortalized Signature Edge
    • Signature Banner
    • Signature Illustrations (Ahri and LeBlanc)
    • 100 Pass levels
    • Radiant Chroma LeBlanc Legendary Spirit
    • Radiant Chromas Zed, Ryze and Syndra SKT T1
    • Exclusive icon and emote

League of Legends fans didn't take it so well

Not long after Riot made this announcement, social media began to fill with quite negative comments about the prices of these skins. Some League of Legends players joked that the highest level on offer should come with a personal visit from Faker himself. Others did not take it so gracefully, while they claim that they take advantage of Faker to make money.

Considering that the South Korean player is a rockstar in esports, it would be easy to think that he will also receive some kind of benefit from this implementation. In fact, in the same description of the package, Riot mentions that the player and some teams will receive 30% of the gross revenue from the Hall of Legends event.

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