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It's official: God of War Ragnarök will arrive on PC on September 19

The game will require a PlayStation Network account, making it impossible for more than 100 countries to play the title on PC, including Venezuela.

It finally happened! After the launch of Ghost of Tsushima: Directo's Cut on PC, the next PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 exclusive will finally make the jump to PC, being none other than the successful God of War: Ragnarök. It will arrive on September 19 on PC through Steam.

The trailer has an age restriction. You can see it through this link.

The port will feature unlocked frame rates, support for super ultrawide monitors, a range of upscaling options (Nvidia DLSS, AMD FSR, and Intel XESS), and will also include the Valhalla DLC.

Since beginning its cross-platform publishing push in 2020, Sony has typically waited at least two years before bringing its new AAA PlayStation releases to PC via Steam. The fastest to make that jump so far was Days Gone, which launched for PS4 in April 2019 before coming to Steam in May 2021.

As of today, most of its “exclusive” titles have made the jump to the PC Master Race with the exception of Bloodborne and Marvel's Spiderman 2, which only arrived in October 2023.

God of War Ragnarok came out in November 2022 and has sold 5.1 million copies in just one week and then 11 million in its first 10. A free DLC expansion, God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla, was released last December, a mode al pure roguelike style.

Not all that glitters is gold, nor God of War: Ragnarök on PC

Now, being a custom with Sony after the strong controversy with Helldivers 2 and the PlayStation Network, which is again a mandatory requirement starting May 30 for new users and that all players should have linked their Steam and PSN accounts before June 4. Now it seems that this port will also require logging into said service.

The game's Steam page also confirms this, saying: “A PlayStation Network account is required, subject to the PlayStation Terms of Service and User Agreement.” This was further confirmed at the beginning of the State of Play presentation, with a statement saying: “Sony Inveractive Entertainment games for PC require a PlayStation Network account.”

While this is sometimes the case with PlayStation PC ports that have online multiplayer modes, God of War Ragnarök is a single-player-only game.

This will undoubtedly not be to the liking of those who wanted to play Kratos' new story from the comfort of their PC, since at the time of writing this article, PlayStation Network is not available in more than 150 regions, including Venezuela.

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