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Palworld is aiming to reach PlayStation consoles

There are rumors that Palworld will soon arrive on PS5.

Palworld, the highly controversial but excellent monster hunting game, the so-called “Pokémon with weapons” from Pocketpair, has reached more than 25 million players on PC and Xbox.

There are already a lot of people playing the legally distinct knockoff of Game Freak games, but why stop there when there are other platforms with other people who could play your game? Well, here we have news to tell.

According to a cryptic tweet from Pocketpair's global community manager, it looks like Palworld could be coming to PlayStation. Where it could potentially attract many more players to its strange open world survival.

"Bucky“, Palworld's community manager, tweeted a message on Saturday, June 22, that at first glance might not seem to mean anything. But fans are speculating that it's actually a teaser for a PlayStation version.

The tweet says “Palworld” surrounded by heart emojis, specifically black, white and green. Then Bucky says, “I want to add more hearts, but I’m not sure what color would fit… hmm… how about…?” before adding a blue one to the lineup.

Fans believe the emojis are references to the different platforms Palworld is on (green for Xbox, black for PC, white for Mac) and that the blue implies a PS5 version.

Palworld had a big update on Thursday, June 27, which added a new island and new friendly creatures to fight and capture. As well as dedicated servers for the Xbox version that have been missing since the game launched in early access in January.

With a big expansion like this, it would be a good time to put the game on a new platform.

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