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Palworld announces the date of Sakurajima, its next update

The new map will bring a new faction, new Pals, arena mode and much more to the success of Pocket Pair

Pocket Pair made its long-awaited appearance during the Summer Game Fest, the next Palworld update called Sakurajima will arrive on June 27 with new content.

The arrival of this update will provide players with endless new content. Among which are: the new map called Sakurajima, New Pals, a new faction with its respective líder, a new fortress and much more.

Sakurajima presents players with a new Asian-Oriental themed island, shrines, cherry blossoms and a huge swamp are the locations that players will be able to explore along with a ton of other surprises.

The arrival of new Pals also represents the appearance of new movements and subspecies that players will be able to capture or breed. Giving a lot of hours of content to those who intend to have them all.

The arrival of a new element, crude oil, will give players a new strength with their respective secondaries. Arriving to fight against a group of poachers who are dominating an oil platform.

Players will also be able to add more friends to their list. Lots of new weapons and arduous challenges facing the new difficult difficulty level for confrontations against lídereg.

And of course it will finally come the arena mode that was announced in April.

How important are updates to Palworld?

Palworld continues to reinvent its gameplay within its possibilities, although the game is still in Early Access, it does not mean that it continues to be a success on Xbox Game Pass and PC.

With the arrival of the new update, users who follow this Pocket Monster Game expect a lot of hours of content while preparing for the others. previously announced updates.

Palworld with each update gets closer and closer to a more polished version and there is no doubt that it could have a rebound in players with the amount of new content they are offering with each new update.

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