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Overwatch 2 turns its heroes into Autobots in a crossover with Transformers

The collaboration will be available in Overwatch 2 in the Season 11 mid-season patch on July 9

Blizzard Entertainment is constant when it comes to Overwatch 2 crossovers with other popular culture icons. For this occasion, they have announced their new collaboration with Transformers, turning some heroes into Autobots and Decepticons.

As hinted at in the Overwatch 11 Season 2 trailer, Blizzard gave fans a brief preview of a new Transformers collaboration, then a highly anticipated Cowboy Bebop and One Punch Man crossover.

This new collaboration fits perfectly with the eleventh season of the hero shooter, which focuses on paying homage to the iconic cartoons of our childhood.

For this collaboration, Reinhardt will receive the Optimus Prime skin, something very appropriate for the stoic líder frontline of the Overwatch organization. Bastion will be receiving the Bumblebee skin, which is again very appropriate since our favorite omnic only communicates with beeps and beeps.

Illari will also have a skin based on Arcee, and Ramattra will have a skin of Megatron as the only representation of Decepticon in the collaboration. Another perfect opportunity, as he is also the only Null Sector character who will have a crossover appearance.  


In addition to the hero skins, there will also be other Transformers-themed cosmetics such as player icons, name cards, and titles for fans to collect.

At the moment, it is unknown if there will be any free aspects for players through missions, as happened with previous collaborations within the game. However, we won't know this until the collaboration is available in Overwatch 2 in the Season 11 mid-season patch on July 9.

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