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Call of Duty online under scrutiny by cheat providers

A year after a Cheats page lost a lawsuit against Activision, they threatened the company and the Call of Duty online

A year ago, Activision Blizzard won a lawsuit against the EngineOwning page, one of the most prolific video game cheat pages. Recently, the company decided to put more pressure on the page, demanding a payment of 15 $ million dollars plus fees. To which EngineOwning decided to end the situation with a threatening ultimatum.

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EngineOwning stated after Activision demanded the large sum of money, in addition to the domain of the cheat page, that if they decided to take legal action against them, the page would not sit idly by.

“We think and hope that our domain registry will not give in to this false claim, which would not have been approved by any clear-headed judge with basic democratic values ​​within an adequate jurisdiction.” Representatives of the page stated within an IGN article.

Engine Owning stated that they are going to focus on overcoming the anti-cheat system of Call of Duty MW3 and Call of Duty Warzone. Ensuring that, if Activision continues to exert pressure on the matter. Engine Owning will not hesitate to leak the company's Anti-cheats codes and generate a free-use format to create Cheats for both games.

It must be taken into account that these cheat websites use professional hackers to create cheats that bypass the game's defense system. Therefore, most of the tricks and access to this page were through payment.

Activision Blizzard has been dedicated to combating anti-competitive cheats for some time, like other companies. Cheats are a business within the industry and everyone is waiting to see how the situation ends.

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