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MultiVersus will give away the Premium Battle Pass to those who participated in the Open Beta

Player First Games also detailed its new monetization structure that seeks to avoid "Pay to Win"

With its return scheduled for this May 28 after almost a year of absence, MultiVersus hopes to launch in style along with a new graphics engine and a new monetization structure that will allow players to acquire characters and the battle pass to acquire cosmetic items and more.

In a new blog post detailing the changes in full, developer Player First Games explained that returning players will earn new in-game rewards, and those who were part of the open beta that ran from July 2022 to June 2023 will receive the Free Premium Battle Pass for Season 1, which includes the Jason Voorhees character, if you log into the game before June 11.

Open Beta players who return to the game at any time, even after this date, will also get a Snow Suit Finn character variant, a Rising Stars ringer, and a Banana Guard announcer pack.

All new and returning players will receive a seven-day reward schedule for completing the tutorial. If you complete the seven days you will be able to unlock the Banana Guard fighter from the Adventure Time series, as well as the Banana Guard variant.

The Battle Pass itself has more “high-value items” in both its free and premium tier, including more ringtones, character skins, taunts, and in-game currencies.

Get to know the currencies within MultiVersus.

The blog also discusses the new economic system that will be part of MultiVersus with new currencies: fighter currency (used to unlock new characters), perk currency (used to unlock character perks), prestige currency (used awarded to players for all the items and cosmetics they collect, and which can be spent on rare Prestige cosmetics) and Gleamium (this being the premium currency of the game that can be acquired through events, battle pass or with real money) .

Previously, Gleamium could only be obtained by spending real money, which frustrated players because some of the best character skins could only be purchased with Gleamium (some cost the equivalent of between $15 and $20).

Now, players will also be able to collect Gleamium, the game's premium currency, through regular play, including both Battle Pass tiers.

The open beta only had two currencies, Gleamium and gold. The new version will no longer have gold and returning players will receive exclusive “commemorative cosmetics” depending on the amount of gold they have earned during the Open Beta period.

Returning players will also receive some Prestige Currency based on the number of cosmetic items they earned during the Open Beta period.

MultiVersus will officially return on May 28, running on Unreal Engine 5 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam and Epic Games Store).

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