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Pand Land, Game Freak's new RPG unrelated to Pokémon

Pokémon developers are expanding their horizons, this is the first of the new projects that Game Freak plans to release

Game Freak in collaboration with Wonder Planet have decided to announce a new RPG for the mobile market that for the moment will only be available in Japan. This is Wonder Planet, a relaxed maritime adventure experience that will arrive on June 24.

While it is true that the pre-registration of this game is already available on the platforms App Store y Google Play Keep in mind that the game is currently only available for the Japanese market.

A new era for Game Freak?

This game presents players with the possibility of playing a ship captain in search of a legendary treasure with his crew. As the game progresses, the captain and crew will encounter challenging dungeons and more traveling companions.

The game will have more than 400 rewards between treasures and companions for the adventure. Not to mention the online section that will allow you to interact with your friends' crew for more unique experiences.

Its graphics are quite simple and the illustrations have the characteristic style that Game Freak has given to the Pokémon saga in recent years. Giving it a familiar style to motivate Pokémon fans.

On the other hand, fans are quite excited that Game Freak is venturing into developing experiences beyond just focusing on Pokémon games.

Since this is not the only game that is currently in development by the company and for some time they have been seeking to expand their horizons, venturing into new experiences and their own titles beyond having the Nintendo seal.

It is not yet known when Pand Land will reach our market, but a phenomenon similar to what happened with Pokémon Go will probably happen.

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