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Study reveals that Free Fire is the most popular game on TikTok

The free Battle Royale for mobile surpasses games like GTA V, Roblox, CoD and Fortnite in popularity within the platform

Since its launch a few years ago, TikTok has become the platform par excellence to create content about anything, such as jokes, music, opinions and many other things, but especially video games. Today, it is the largest short-form video sharing platform in the world, which allows some games to be positioned very well over others.

Among the most notable is Free Fire, the battle royale game developed by Garena that arrived for free on mobile devices in 2017, which was positioned first among 500 other games that are displayed on the platform.

In a data collection, a platform called mindGAME revealed the top 500 games on TikTok by total views and video count.

At the top of the table is Garena Free Fire, which has never risen above other games of the same genre like PUBG, Fortnite or Warzone when it comes to overall popularity. It is spectacularly successful in some regions (such as Southeast Asia) and, as an esports-focused game, once held the record for concurrent viewers in an esports tournament.

Almost 900 billion views on TikTok

In the data, it was revealed that in total on TikTok, Garena Free Fire has accumulated a view count of 888 billion spread across 87,3 million videos. In second place is Roblox with 595 billion views on 66 million videos. Fortnite finished in third place with 591 million views on 60 million videos.

Courtesy of mindGAME Data

By comparison, Call of Duty Warzone isn't even in the top ten, nor is Grand Theft Auto 5. Games like Counter-Strike 2 and Rainbow Six Siege were surpassed by Among Us and Genshin Impact, and single-player epics like Red Dead Redemption 2, Elden Ring and The Last of Us fall somewhere in the 30 – 40 range.

Some of the highest risers have made the list in recent weeks thanks to their recent releases. For example, Manor Lords has reached 28 million views across 1.700 videos, and Arena Breakout: Infinite has reached 14.9 million views also across around 1.700 videos.

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