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Monster Hunter Wilds reveals its gameplay in a new trailer

The next game in the successful Capcom franchise will arrive sometime in 2025 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC

Today, Capcom explored the vivid world of Monster Hunter Wilds in State of Play on PlayStation with the first in-depth look at this highly anticipated action RPG. The trailer shows an untamed landscape filled with new monsters adapted to the changing conditions of their wild habitat. The vibrant new images of the game also revealed the first look at the plot, characters, systems and much more.

Capcom also revealed the special bonus items that players returning from Monster Hunter: World will be able to obtain when Monster Hunter Wilds arrives in 2025 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

In Monster Hunter Wilds, players will join the ranks of a special Commission of Inquiry team investigating the Forbidden Lands. Featuring voice acting for the first time in the Monster Hunter series, the hunter ventures into the unknown with his companions, including Alma, the guild's designated manager, her comrade, and a mysterious boy. 

The Windy Plains, the hunting area in Monster Hunter Wilds

Monster Hunter Wilds features multi-dimensional biomes that can transform in unexpected ways. The first setting revealed is the Windy Plains, a vast region comprising wild deserts, twisted rock formations and rolling grasslands teeming with life.

Monster Hunter Wilds reveals its gameplay in a new trailer

These immersive ecosystems are populated with wildlife acclimated to their environment, including smaller monsters like Dalthydon, a herbivorous wyvern that migrates seasonally, and Ceratonoth, which relies on males to protect the herd from raging storms with well-developed dorsal horns that They serve as lightning rods.

Of course, great monsters also roam the Windy Plains, including Doshaguma. Although huge and territorial, these fanged beasts are sometimes seen curiously stalking the plains in aggressive packs. Meanwhile, the formidable Chatacabra amphibian uses its environment and its adhesive saliva to become an even stronger adversary by armoring its body with natural materials such as minerals.

New game, new mechanics to explore

To help hunters meet the challenges that await them in Monster Hunter Wilds, the series' beloved gameplay has evolved with an arsenal of new features. Players will enjoy a seamless flow between plot and gameplay sequences.

To navigate the vast environments of this world, the game introduces Seikrets, a new type of mount. These agile creatures can guide their riders to their destinations and allow hunters to perform actions on the fly, such as sharpening weapons, gathering materials, and swinging the sling. Hunters can also switch to a secondary weapon with their Seikret, allowing hunts to adapt to changing field conditions without having to return to base.

Monster Hunter Wilds reveals its gameplay in a new trailer

All 14 iconic weapon types from the series return in Monster Hunter Wilds and have now evolved to include new actions. Additionally, the game introduces completely new systems, such as Focus Mode, which gives hunters more precise control when aiming, protecting themselves, and attacking monsters' weak points. The new Sling Hook also gives hunters additional abilities, such as contextual actions and the power to collect items from a distance, even when mounted on their Seikret.

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