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Microsoft will bring Copilot AI to video games

The technology company revealed at an event that they will begin working on this implementation, starting with Minecraft

On Monday May 20, Microsoft held its event specialized in Surface and artificial intelligence with Copilot, offering new details about the implementation of said technology in its laptops and in its Windows 11 operating system.

Among the most relevant, the technology giant offered a first look at Copilot's functionalities with Microsoft video games.

At the event, it was revealed that they will begin working on adding Copilot directly to their games. The game shown as an example was Minecraft, which will allow players to use AI to ask if they have the right materials to create an item. In this case, the object was a sword. Copilot then looks for the materials in the inventory and tells you whether you can make your sword or not.

“You have some sticks, perfect for the handle of the sword,” says Copilot. “But it seems that you lack the material for the sheet. You can use wood, stone, iron, gold or diamond.”

Although at the moment there are few details about when these artificial intelligence functions will begin to be available in games like Minecraft, it seems that it will focus on helping users facilitate the learning process in certain mechanics. This implementation could go a long way toward making the ways of searching for tutorials a thing of the past.

Microsoft bets on a future with AI thanks to Copilot

Sharing the demo on his own X account, Microsoft AI CEO Mustafa Suleyman wrote: “We are taking Copilot to the next level. Copilot will see, hear, speak and help in real time.

“Watch this demo to see what I mean. Soon your AI companion will start living life alongside you, whether playing Minecraft or helping you overcome life's toughest challenges.”

And he added: “Real personality. Effortless interactions. The ability to see what we see. I have long maintained that AIs with EQ, IQ, and AQ are coming. Here's the first real look at what it will feel like. It is a magical experience: intelligent, intuitive, natural and useful.”

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