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Like a Dragon: Yakuza will have its own live action series on Prime Video

It will have 6 episodes that will premiere between October 25 and November 1 and the plot will take place between 1995 and 2005

During the early hours of Tuesday, June 4, RGG Studio revealed that this year they will premiere a live-action Like a Dragon: Yakuza series exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. With 6 episodes, the first three will be released on October 25 and the last three on November 1.

As reported by Variety, the series was produced in Japan and will be available in its original Japanese language with subtitles or with dubbing in several languages.

As for the plot, it will take place in two periods (1995 and 2005) and follows “the life, childhood friends and the repercussions of the decisions of a fearsome and incomparable Yakuza warrior with a strong sense of justice, duty. and humanity.”

The show is directed by Masaharu Take (100 Yen Love) and Kengo Takimoto (Kamen Teacher), and will star Ryoma Takeuchi (Kamen Rider Drive) as Kiryu Kazuma.

The minds behind the Like a Dragon: Yakuza games are also involved

Masayoshi Yokoyama, studio director at Like a Dragon developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, is the show's executive producer.

“From the day I first wrote the original Yakuza script, I never thought about revisiting any of my work on the series,” Yokoyama said in a statement. “It's because I understand very well the challenges and difficulties that come with remaking a finished title.”

Like a Dragon: Yakuza will have its own live action series on Prime Video

“However, if I were ever sent back in time through some kind of cosmic prank, this is the experience I would like to create. If I were to be put through the wringer anyway, I'd like to make the most attractive versions of Kamurocho and Kiryu Kazuma I could, and this show has it all.

“While the games allow you to experience their world through a subjective lens, this adaptation will ultimately be the objective way to enjoy the show. I have no doubt that fans of the series will be drawn to how it brings the games to life and adds new surprises. “I’m sure newcomers will feel immersed simply in the gritty realism of the show.”

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