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Concord's reception is not what the creators expected

Despite presenting an incredible trailer during the State of Play, users were not very convinced of Firewalk Studios' debut game

After its debut in the State of Play, Firewalk Studios and Sony have been surprised, since the reception of the game has not been the most ideal and users on networks do not stop talking about it, making comparisons and pointing out the numbers.

The words “Concord is a 5 vs 5 First Person Shooter” have become a kind of meme on social media. Especially after a great cinematic was shown that had sold many an adventure in space more than a Hero Shooter.

From making comparisons with Overwatch to saying that it lacks spirit and originality within the genre, criticism has eaten Concord alive even before its final release.

Currently, the official cinematic trailer on the Playstation channel has more than 13 thousand dislikes and 3 thousand that do nothing more than bury the title in comparison to the 31 thousand likes and 399 dislikes that for example the upcoming Sony exclusive starring Astro.

What does the criticism have in store for Concord?

This situation has done nothing but put the Concord game on the back burner. Situation that has been fully highlighted on social networks and judged by a critic that has no mercy with the premiere trailer.

Neither Firewalk Studios nor Sony have commented on the matter, but what users highlight above all this. The thing is that Sony took a risk in vain to develop characters and a world that will take a backseat just by presenting it as a game as a service.

The game will be released on PS5 and PC on August 23 of this year and users already have their ideas with this title. However, it seems that this will not stop the plans for this game and its premiere.

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