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The Watch Dogs movie has begun filming

Ubisoft Film & Television confirmed who will be the protagonist, director and screenwriter of the video game adaptation

As reported at the beginning of March of this year, Ubisoft Film & Television is working on Watch Dogs, its hacker franchise against megacorporations, to make the leap to the big screen. Now, Ubisoft has confirmed that they have officially started filming.

The announcement was made through the Ubisoft X page (formerly Twitter), where the Ubisoft mentions: “Lights_Camera_Action.exe” along with posting an image of a clapperboard from the set.

Unfortunately, not much can be deduced from the image itself, as it appears to be the production team and not any cast members. However, we know the actress Sophie Wilde (Talk To Me, award-winning film produced by A24) and directed by acclaimed French genre director Mathieu Turi, from an original script written by Christie LeBlanc.

Ubisoft chief content officer Margaret Boykin, New Regency CEO Yariv Milchan and the company's president of motion pictures Natalie Lehmann are producing the film.

What will the Watch Dogs movie be about?

While plot details are being kept under wraps and it's not known when it will arrive, the Watch Dogs games take place in fictional versions of real-life cities, at various points in time, and follow different hackers as protagonists. who, although they have different objectives to achieve, are involved in the criminal underworld of various cities.

Antagonists are usually corrupt companies, criminal bosses, and rival hackers who take advantage of the ctOS (core operating system), a fictitious computer network that connects all of a city's electronic devices into a single system and stores personal information of most citizens. . The player also has access to ctOS, which can be used to control various devices that will aid in combat, stealth, or puzzle solving.

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