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Insiders confirm the presence of Doom at the Xbox Games Showcase

Dubbed Doom: The Dark Ages, the title has been in development for 4 years and we will have more details about the game on June 9

Insider Gaming confirmed via an article that we would see new Doom content during the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9. The title is called “Doom: The Dark Ages” and it is believed to be the definitive name for the “Year Zero” project that has been talked about.

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After rumors regarding a sequel to the title occurred during the past week. Due to the registration of the IDKFA hack as a trademark with the United States Patent Office and a couple of puns and innuendos in various media, we finally have a more concrete idea of ​​​​this new Doom content.

What is the news about the premiere of this Doom?

Tom Henderson from Insider Gaming assures in the article that this project is about the already rumored Year Zero, only now it has the official title “The Dark Ages” and that he theorizes refers to a medieval-themed Doom.

It is unknown if it is a prequel that will be connected to the other 2 most recent Id Software games, but expectations can be high, taking into account that the game has been in development for approximately 4 years.

It is important to mention that, at the moment, neither Xbox nor Id Software have made an official statement about this news, so we recommend taking this information with great caution.

The new Doom saga has been a tremendous sales success, both for Xbox and for ID Software. In 2020, an ID Software employee claimed that the game managed to generate more than $450 million in revenue from both games.

The current Doom games have been a revolution in the industry, giving us a frenetic and strategic Shooter that, both in its setting and gameplay, has come to captivate countless players who are fans of the genre and the classic saga.

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