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There are rumors of a Director's Cut of Hogwarts Legacy

The extended version project of the successful 2023 title would be under the hands of Rocksteady after the failure of Suicide Squad

After financial failure that Suicide Squad meant for Warner Bros., Rocksteady Studios is collaborating with Warner to develop a more extended version of Hogwarts Legacy. Said insider Jason Schreier in their networks after publishing the news on Bloomberg.

In the article, Schereier assures that part of the Rocksteady development team is producing an extended version of Hogwarts Legacy to raise the money lost from the production of Suicide Squad.

Hogwarts Legacy managed to sell around 23 million copies the year it was released, grossing around $850 million worldwide. It is to be hoped that Warner Bros. will want to develop more of this successful game to recoup the investment put into Suicide Squad.

What extra content is there for Hogwarts Legacy?

Recently, Warner Bros Games announced a summer update for all platforms where the game can be enjoyed. Apart from minor fixes and more support for peripherals on PC.

The game has included new elements, including a photo mode, extra secondary missions with content that was previously exclusive, as well as a talent reset option so that the player can try different builds whenever they like.

The update also comes with a number of new accessories and recipes that you can obtain by playing. Photo mode features poses and seasonal changes so players can take memorable shots inside the castle.

Hogwarts Legacy is a game that has had exclusive content and that in its first version did not have as much content as it has now. It is believed that the director's cut, apart from added content, may also become a compilation of all the content that the game currently has.

It is important to mention that, at the moment, neither Warner Bros Games nor Avalanche Software have made an official statement about this rumor, so we recommend taking this information with great caution.

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