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GTA 5 exceeded 200 million copies sold

The game is 100 million copies away from becoming the best-selling video game in history

According to Take-Two Interactive, GTA 5 has surpassed the threshold of 200 million copies sold, ensuring that the video game continues to be consolidated as the second best-selling game in history. Just 100 million sales away from reaching Minecraft in the list of best-selling video games in history.

The video game originally released for the seventh generation of consoles in 2013 (Xbox 360 and PS3) has had various ports for subsequent generation consoles, which has allowed its massive sale on different platforms.

Although the game has a singleplayer campaign for the most fanatical followers of the saga. The online mode of the video game has been the main reason why it is a massive bestseller that does not decline over the years.

The game has had no DLC's or expansion of any kind since its launch; However, the gaming community continues to enjoy the Online mode even today. Which is why Rockstar Games has dedicated itself to ports to this fifth installment with each new generation of consoles.

GTA 5 has been on the market for more than 11 years, every time it comes out on new generation consoles it becomes an immediate bestseller. And its online community continues to keep the game active year after year, with around 100 thousand active players daily.

The GTA saga has more than 22 titles throughout history and together they reach half a billion copies sold worldwide. Making GTA V the most successful installment in sales of the entire saga on multiple platforms ranging from PlayStation's, Xbox's and PCs of various generations.

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