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George RR Martin talks about a future Elden Ring adaptation

Elden Ring is at a very high point in the industry, perhaps we will see a surprise very soon.

Legend George RR Martin has commented on the current rumors of a film or television adaptation of Elden Ring. Adding more fuel to the fire about the possibility of seeing the lands in between on the big screen.

In case you didn't know, A Song of Ice and Fire creator George RR Martin helped build the Elden Ring universe. Although he did not participate in the actual writing that appears in the game. Yes, you can see his touches, especially in the complex lore of the game.

Now, in a post on their site personal website. George RR Martin commented on rumors of a future adaptation. At first glance, Martin's comments aren't exactly what fans would want to hear, stating:

“Oh, and about those rumors you may have heard about a movie or TV series based on ELDEN RING… I have nothing to say. Not a word, no, nothing, I don't know anything, you never heard anything from me, mom, mom, what rumor?”


It certainly seems like Martin is hiding something because of the shyness of his words. Really, what these comments do is just add more fuel to the fire of rumors of an adaptation of Elden Ring.

Historically, video game adaptations have always struggled to achieve critical success. Which in turn has discouraged studios from attempting their own. However, recent hits like The Last of Us, Fallout, Sonic etc. They have cemented an important precedent, proving that video games can be translated to the screen in a way that is satisfying to watch and faithful to the source material.

With the right talent, there's no doubt that Elden Ring has the potential to join the list of the best TV series and movies based on video games.

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