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Fallout skins filtered that will come to Call of Duty: MW3 and Warzone

Data miners brought to light the tracer pack of the long-awaited collaboration between Activision's shooter and Bethesda's RPG

After Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard, it was expected that the companies' games and intellectual properties would begin to have collaborations between them. One of the titles that most frequently uses this practice is Call of Duty, which each season brings with it collaborations with popular culture icons and even other games like Diablo.

Now, it seems that a new collaboration in Call of Duty has been leaked, being none other than Fallout, Bethesda's apocalyptic RPG that was on everyone's lips after the successful premiere of its series on Prime Video.

Filtered out originally via Twitter and later replicated by the medium Charlie Intel, it seems that a new Fallout-inspired tracker pack will soon arrive in the game, where you can see the four main characters of Modern Warfare 3, these being Ghost, John Price, Soap and Gaz wearing the iconic blue and gold suit of the shelter inhabitants and wearing a Pip-Boy.

Fallout and Call of Duty fans did not react very well

This leak has taken off immediately, since it was accompanied along with other images of skins for Black Ops 6 that will be revealed in its entirety this June 9. However, fans of both franchises did not take it in the best way and many argue that it seems absurdly simple.

Unlike Activision, Epic Games also collaborated with Fallout for the new season of fortnite adding several skins of the T-60 model power armor within its battle pass along with other cosmetic items such as Vault-Boy emotes, Pip-Boy backpacks and even a Nuka-Cola that will regenerate your life when you drink it and give you an ingot of gold by keeping the badge, referring to Fallout's economic system.

Fortnite prepares a new collaboration with Fallout

At the moment, it is not known exactly how much they will cost or when they will be available in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. All that remains is to wait for Activision to establish a specific date for its availability in the store.

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