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Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves reveals two new characters

SNK's fighting title will arrive on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC in early 2025

SNK was present during the Summer Game Fest broadcast to announce that B. JENET and the new character VOX REAPER will be part of the roster of characters in FATAL FURY: City of the Wolves, their next fighting game, scheduled to arrive in early 2025 to PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves features a unique art style that stimulates the senses, an innovative REV System that heightens excitement, and a host of combat systems that are even more robust than before. The game also breathes new life into the series by introducing two different control schemes (to ensure fun and excitement for newcomers and veterans alike), as well as other new features and elements.

Meet the new characters joining Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves

Captain of the Lilien Knights, a crew of virtuous pirates. With Kain and Grant on her mind during and after the events of the last tournament, she makes a completely unusual decision: stay in South Town, albeit for a not-so-short time. Strangely unable to put her nagging thoughts into words, she sees the upcoming KOF tournament as a real bonus: Finally a chance to vent her frustrations face-to-face with both men!

Introducing the demon: Vox Reaper. This street killer is sent to hunt down and eliminate Kain R. Heinlein and, although the attempt is thwarted, he emerges from the encounter with barely any scratches. Grant, Kain's bodyguard, realizing the young man's talent and potential, decides to take him under his protection from then on. With a new lease on life and intent on fulfilling his dying master's wishes (not to mention Kain's grandiose ambitions), Vox stalks the bloody battlefield that is South Town: a demon reborn.

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