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Fans cancel Plants Vs Zombies 3 game after EA complaint

Fans of the original PopCap and EA game decided to cancel it to avoid taking risks

Recently, a small developer group was creating their own version of Plants Vs Zombies 3. PopCap and EA were quick to act, sending a warning to the team asking them to stop the project for infringing on IP rights.

The news was published by the studio itself through its X account, giving an official statement regarding the entire situation after EA contacted them directly.

“PopCap and EA have contacted us directly to stop development of our Plants vs Zombies 3. This is not a cease and desist or a DMCA. “It is a warning and the team decided they would rather not take any risks.” It can be read in the team's official statement.

“We believe they handled this situation unprofessionally, however, we have no way to defend ourselves. Everyone on the team was excited to help make this project a reality… but it seems that same passion put a goal in our heads. This is not the end for us as a team, but the end of everything Plants vs Zombies comes from us. Thanks for all the support." They finally said goodbye.

EA, for its part, defended that while they feel honored that fans feel so committed to their games. They cannot allow the use of their intellectual brand to be copied by the same fans.

Even though they use their own artists and do not want to sell the final product, they do not have the right to use the Plants Vs Zombies brand. The development team pointed out that EA does not care about the project or its fans, it only cared about safeguarding its brand for fear that someone would use it better.

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