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Eternal Strands shows off a colossal enemy in a new trailer

Yellow Brick Games' Debut Game Coming to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S Sometime in 2025

Last weekend, during the Future Games show, a new trailer was revealed for Eternal Strands, an ambitious debut action, fantasy and adventure game developed by Yellow Brick Studios, which features the experience of some industry veterans such as Thomas Giroux, Jeff Skalski, Frédéric St-Laurent B and Mike Laidlaw (creative director of Dragon Age).

The game is scheduled to arrive on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 sometime in 2025.

The new trailer offers more details about the fantasy world of Eternal Strands, showcasing giant epic creatures and innovative physics-based gameplay and jumping and climbing mechanics. In this third-person action-adventure game, players are invited to combine steel and magic in combat, turning elements from the surrounding world into weapons in colossal fights.

“With this trailer we offer a look at the various creatures to face, armor to create and environments to explore in the world that the Enclave has to offer. With the enormous challenge it presents, we can't wait to see how players will use creativity when taking on an epic flying giant, like the Ashpeak Drake. Climb and hold on, Brynn! Be careful with somersaults!” said Frédéric St-Laurent B., Game Director at Yellow Brick Games.

Eternal Strands Key Features:

  • The world is your weapon: At the heart of Eternal Strands is a revolutionary new system of gameplay interactions: heat spreads, cold can freeze, and the real-time destruction system opens up unprecedented possibilities in combat. Throw flaming tree trunks at enemies with telekinesis, break nearby trees to defend yourself, or channel telekinetic force to tear stones from the ground.
  • Manipulate magic: Wear the Mantle, a magical accessory that channels raw magic into burning flame, freezing ice, and telekinetic force. Combine your ever-expanding range of powers with enchanted weapons and armor obtained from defeated enemies to create a custom style and appearance. Block attacks with a magical wall of ice, launch waves of fire with a giant two-handed sword, or throw enemies off cliffs.
  • Face giants: Come face to face with colossal adversaries and defeat them with swords, spells and agility. Jump on them and scale their massive bodies to attack from different angles. Break their armor or attack weak points to lower their protection points. Use ice to immobilize a giant enemy's limbs, arcane flames to burn their skin, or capture launched projectiles and return them in battles that will scar the land.
  • A world full of secrets: Explore nature, the capital Dynevron, and hidden secrets by climbing any surface. Magical abilities can create bridges, burn barriers, or launch Brynn across the world. The next-generation physics system encourages and rewards player creativity in both exploration and combat. As you adventure and uncover the secrets of the Enclave, you can return to camp and chat with various characters.

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