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These are the events that will arrive with the Summer Game Fest 2024

An entire schedule of the most important broadcasts that will arrive in June before and after the expected Summer Game Fest

We're just a few weeks away from the currently anticipated Summer Game Fest airing the biggest video game event, and along with it a lot of video game industry conferences that will show us the upcoming releases to be announced and released.

If you want to catch up on what will be happening over the next month, here at we ​​give you a summary of the events and the days that will be broadcast.

Summer Game Fest Events and Dates List

  • Guerrilla Collective – June 6 (1 pm Venezuela Time)

One of the broadcasts where Indie games succeed. They announced their event for June 6 and great announcements, trailers, gameplay videos and much more are expected from a multitude of developer studios.

  • Summer Game Fest – June 7 (5 pm Venezuela Time)

The flagship event that has replaced E3 where the best Triple A productions to come are presented. Along with the most anticipated and exciting announcements of the year, it will be celebrated on June 7.

  • Day of the Devs – June 7 (at the end of Summer Game Fest)

Another broadcast where indie video games take center stage, a broadcast by select developers where you can rescue the premiere of good indie titles.

  • Devolver Direct – June 7 (8 pm Venezuela Time)

One of the most anticipated by the followers of this incredible distributor where they show a decent amount of games that are about to be published. Although the majority are indies, it does not mean that they are of spectacular quality and that they have an impact on the industry.

  • Wholesome Direct - June 8 (12 pm Venezuela Time)

The event of calm, friendly games with adorable aesthetics, one of the public's favorites for bringing relaxing experiences. Generally, they present very peaceful and visually beautiful games, some of which tend to become best sellers for a short period of time.

  • Latin American Games Showcase – June 8 (1 pm Venezuela Time)

The broadcast that announces the games developed by Latinos or in Latin America, an important presentation where Latam is present within the industry.

  • Xbox Games Showcase – June 9 (1 pm Venezuela Time)

Another of the most anticipated broadcasts by players, Xbox is expected to make big announcements and release dates during this conference, which may include Doom or Gears of Wars. Another broadcast where we can expect the Xbox Triple A to excite the fans.

  • Activision Showcase – June 9 (at the end of the Xbox Games Showcase)

That will come hand in hand with the Xbox broadcast, great news is expected from the Call of Duty saga and some other surprises from its great intellectual properties.

  • Ubisoft Forward – June 10 (12 pm Venezuela Time)

A broadcast where the protagonist will be Ubisoft and its projects that are to come this year 2024. They always announce something of interest and users wait for news of Star Wars Outlaws, the remake of Prince of Persia or a new trailer for Assassin's Creed.

  • Nintendo Direct – Date not confirmed

A broadcast where Nintendo will be the protagonist, announcing what will soon be released on its E-shop. You have to pay special attention during this live in case they announce something related to the new model of the Nintendo Switch.

  • THQ Nordic Digital Showcase – August 2 (3 pm Venezuela Time)

From the editors of Alone in the Dark. This transmission also brings with it interesting games, among which the Gothic Remake and Titan Quest 2 are already confirmed.

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