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Epic Games gives update on plans for Fortnite Mobile

Perhaps in the coming months Fortnite will return to iPhone devices.

Epic Games has shared an update regarding the return of the mobile version of Fortnite to Apple iOS. The company's title remains extremely popular and Fortnite continues to regularly collaborate with major Pop culture brands and IPs.

For those who don't remember, in 2020 Apple removed Fortnite from the iOS App Store after Epic Games added its own payment system to the title. A measure that violated the platform's guidelines.

Since then, iPhone and iPad users have been unable to update and install Fortnite on their devices. Those on iOS were only able to play using workarounds involving services like Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia Geforce Now, and Amazon Luna.

However, Epic said in January that Fortnite would return to iOS devices in the European Union (EU), and the company has just announced that this could happen very soon.

Epic Games plans to launch Fortnite and its own store, Epic Games Store, on iOS in the EU in the coming months. This was recently stated by the company in a statement Twitter. It was revealed in March that the Epic Games Store would be coming to iOS and Android devices in 2024, but no exact release date was provided.

Apple previously terminated an Epic Games developer account. Since Epic intended to use it to bring Fortnite and its store to iOS devices in the EU.

Epic Games argued that the termination violated the coalition's Digital Markets Act (DMA), and Apple later reinstated the account following an investigation by the European Commission.

Under the DMA, platform holders like Apple must allow third-party app stores to exist on their operating systems, and Epic Games credits the law for allowing Fortnite's return to iOS in the EU.

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