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Elden Ring: Let Me Solo Her says “the DLC is not difficult”

The iconic player is trying to encourage the community.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree reignited the debate about the ideal level of challenge not only in FromSoftware games but in games in general, (a debate that seems to have no end). Many players argue tooth and nail that the DLC throws out unnecessary difficulty spikes, and there are currently a lot of negative reviews on Steam.

Due to this situation, FromSoftware made the decision to make the expansion of the community a little easier, improving the first levels of Scadutree.

Now, in the midst of this chaos, the hero of Elden Ring “Let Me Solo Her” appeared. Famous for helping thousands of people defeat the hardest boss in the base game, (the terrible Malenia). He believes some people are just overreacting and should probably broaden their tactics.

In an interview with GamesRadar. Let Me Solo Her agrees that Shadow of the Erdtree is, overall, the biggest challenge Elden Ring has to offer:

“In my opinion, the DLC bosses so far have been a test of true skill and players need to learn patience and timing counterattacks.”

But looking at the sheer difficulty of the individual DLC bosses, I'd generally rate them lower than Malenia. An optional boss known for its relentless attack animations, two grueling phases, and a life-draining mechanic that counters many strategies.

Let Me Solo Her says she's been enjoying Shadow of the Erdtree "a lot," stopping to enjoy the scenery between epic bosses.

“I haven't finished it yet, but I'm on the last boss right now and I think it will take some time before I beat it. It took me a while to master Messmer, but I think I was pretty easy on the DLC.”

It is undoubtedly incredible that this player is currently a reference within the Elden Ring universe, and that his words serve to calm the euphoric community of players.

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