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The Remake of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time will arrive in 2026

Ubisoft assured that there will be no more information about this project until it is completed

During the Ubisoft Forward A short teaser trailer for the remake of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was shown. The Remake announced in 2020 resumed its development after poor public reception.

Since it was announced 4 years ago at Ubisoft Foward 2020, this Remake has been one of the most anticipated by fans of the saga. Those who were excited by the possibility of a saga of remakes for the legendary PS2 games.

However, although Ubisoft reiterated that the project was not dead, fans did wonder year after year why there was no progress. At the same time, they complained that what little was shown was not up to par with a game of this generation.

Ubisoft has been delaying the game since receiving feedback from these first impressions. Going so far as to change the development team and restart the production of this project from the beginning.

Players are looking forward to what could happen with this remake of Prince of Persia, but they are worried that another 2-year delay will prevent Ubisoft from developing their respective sequels.

First trailer revealed

Prince of Persia is a cult saga, and The Sands of Time was a before and after for the saga, innovating in its mobility, combat and mechanics. Introducing for the first time the Dagger of Time and the sands that carried it, allowing the player to go back in time for a brief moment.

For the moment there is nothing left but to wait patiently for the updates that Ubisoft has to show for this long-awaited Remake. The company did not announce a specific date, only that it would arrive sometime in 2026.

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