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The Lollipop Chainsaw remake already has a release date

Developed by Dragami Games and bringing an old saga back to life, It will arrive on consoles on September 25 on consoles and PC

Developed by Dragami Games, the darkly humorous Hack and Slash returns to the new generation of consoles. This is Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP, a remake of the original game that will be released on September 25 on consoles and PC.

From the hand of the director of No More Heroes, Suda51 and Guardians of the Galaxy writer James Gunn. Entertainer Juliet Starling and her deadly chainsaw are back on consoles.

The project, which focused on a simple remastering, ended up becoming a remake. This translates into extra content, including game modes and gameplay improvements without the need to rework the script or plot.

Among the new features added to the game is the 'Chained Hits Hunting' system. Which allows the player to chain together longer combo sequences that increase their speed with each hit connected.

The game will also feature Original and RePOP modes, the latter being for classic fans who want bloodier, more classic combat. However, as Dragami Games indicates in the trailer, the RePOP mode of this Lollipop Chainsaw is intended to be the recommended experience of this Remake.

RePOP mode will make combat much more colorful, inserting dynamic pop stickers between combos and sequences. The game will feature new and exclusive chainsaws, as well as combinable outfits and hair colors for the protagonist.

Game modes include a time trial mode with online scoring and the protagonist's mobility in the game has been greatly improved.

Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP will also have a physical version that will arrive in October, the game will be available for PC, Nintendo, Switch and Xbox Series X|S.

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