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The live-action Street Fighter prepares its premiere for 2026

Capcpm gave a small update on what we will see on the big screen.

The Street Fighter movie already has a scheduled release date by 2026, this despite the fact that it currently does not have a director.

The video game franchise is recognized for its six main installments (starting since 1987), throughout this great journey the franchise managed to collect more than 49 million copies, being one of the most beloved and best-selling video game sagas of all time. .

And given the rise of video game adaptations, it was only a matter of time before Capcom took the lead (despite its failures with Resident Evil). Now, in April 2023, it was announced that Sony and Legendary were developing a new Street Fighter movie with Danny and Michael Philippou.

These young talents were fresh off their successful debut Talk to Me. However, both directors recently left the project.

Now, despite the departure of the directors, the video game adaptation continues its development and has a release date. Sony has officially set the release date for the Street Fighter movie as March 20, 2026.

The Street Fighter movie faces numerous challenges before and after its release, one of which is that it currently has no director.

The Philippou brothers were previously interested, but decided to abandon the project to prioritize Bring Her Back, which reunites them with A24, a more Indie and interpersonal film. Legendary and Capcom had hoped to begin production on the Street Fighter movie soon, although it's unclear how long the search for a new director will take.

Not to mention that at this stage we still don't have the cast of any of the characters. We just hope that they don't take the path of the Mortal Kombat movie (2020) and create original characters with such a large roster.

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