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Agent Smith is set to arrive on MultiVersus this month

It will be available along with the new patch with rebalancing for other fighters starting July 8

Warner Bros. Games today released a new MultiVersus trailer that reveals the first look at the gameplay of Agent Smith, the main antagonist of the series of Matrix movies, which will join the lineup on July 8 as part of Season 1: Puns & Villainy.

Agent Smith is a bruiser class character with a moveset befitting his role as defender of the Matrix. With great speed and aim along with an insatiable thirst for control, he is ready to make the Multiverse his playground. In the new video, Agent Smith can be seen taking advantage of his hand-to-hand combat and shooting skills, teleporting to close distances in the middle of battle and calling for support from another agent.

Agent Smith will be available as a free-to-play fighter starting July 8 by participating in the “Beat Rift, Get Agent Smith for Free!” seasonal event, where players can complete boss nodes in Rift, the mode. PvE (Player vs. Environment), to get rewards.

Agent Smith won't be the only new thing for MultiVersus

Version 1.05 also adds two new modes, Free for All and Spectator. Free for All removes the team element from four-player games, and the first player to get four ringouts wins.

Meanwhile, spectator mode can be used in custom games and supports up to four spectators.

The update also improves Rifts by reducing the number of stars needed to unlock everything, basically eliminating the need to complete them with a partner. A new rift called Megalodog was also added and two rifts will be added later in the season.

Other new features include the return of post-game statistics, a daily free item in the Store, and the return of input preferences that were present during the Open Beta.

The new patch also includes numerous character balance adjustments, including some major nerfs for Bugs Bunny to make him less powerful and “tonne down some of the more toxic loops that come from his neutral aerial attack.”

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