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Celebrate Father's Day with these video game father figures

At we ​​also celebrate Father's Day and we will do so by mentioning the most iconic fathers in the world of video games.

Father's Day is celebrated year after year on the third Sunday in June, a day to commemorate the responsibility and courage it takes to take the position of being a father figure. In video games there are also notable characters who fulfill this role, not just limiting themselves to being another character. If not to stand out as a father among video games for various very valid reasons.

The most iconic parents in video games

  • Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney 4)

Starting Ace Attorney 4 we can notice how the protagonist of the previous DS trilogy is accused. Showing us a retired Phoenix whom we must defend as the main character and player. The striking thing is that the last time we see this character he was a renowned single lawyer. But during the course of this first chapter we learn that he gave up his profession and that he is now the father of a rising prodigy magician.

During the development of the game we can find out how their relationship evolves and how it is possible that this character has a daughter. Without going into too many details because it would be a spoiler, I can safely assure you that Phoenix Wright is a father worth mentioning. on this list. Not only because he was raising a daughter on his own, but because despite their blood relationship, he has always treated his daughter Trucy like no one else could have done.

  • Dracula (Castlevania Symphony of The Night)

The figure of Dracula has always been antagonistic in this game saga; However, while this character is the main villain, his motivation for becoming this evil figure is also the very reason that makes him so iconic.

Dracula is an immortal character capable of defending and avenging his family's ideals, even after death; Although his son Alucard does not agree with how the king of vampires copes with the murder of his mother, at the end of this game they can exchange a few words and the two have a more emotional father-son moment than the third installment in the NES.

This father also had a wonderful adaptation in the first and second seasons of Castlevania on Netflix, which expands more on this family relationship by changing some aspects of the video games.

  • Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid 3)

From a war hero to the most wanted terrorist in the world for the convenience of the government. Big Boss from 'Les Enfant Terribles' using some of his genetics to recreate the perfect soldier he once was. His children, on the other hand, converged on adopting different facets of Big Boss during the course of the history of this saga.

Big Boss is a character with ideals beyond patriotism, and while Solid Snake is the only one of his children who follows his course. He does not mean that others have admired or respected him much less. Especially considering that Solid Snake confronts him directly on 2 occasions before the events of the Solid saga.

  • Harry Mason (Silent Hill)

Imagine that after a traffic accident, your little daughter gets lost in a desolate town that has suddenly become filled with monstrous aberrations. This second factor did not stop Harry from searching for his daughter, going so far as to explore an entire cursed town and confront his horrendous creatures.

Coming to grips with a cult and doing everything possible to look for his daughter Cheryl. Harry Mason is one of the most iconic fathers in the world due to his dedication and for being the protagonist of the first Silent Hill.

  • Vergil (Devil May Cry 5)

The opposite duo to the protagonist of the first Devil May Cry trilogy confirmed their relationship with the protagonist of 4 in the fifth installment. Taking this character through a journey of self-discovery that allowed him not only to meet his son but also to respect and love him in his own way.

Vergil has been a reference in the Devil May Cry saga since his first appearance. And while it is true that Capcom did not continue the unfinished story of 4 until the fifth installment. The truth is that Devil May cry 5 is a broad story that encompasses a lot of family and relationships, parents and children.

  • John Marston (Red Dead Redemption)

After leading a life as an outlaw and trying to get away from crime, what John Marston wants most is a quiet life with his family. He can offer a decent future to both his son and his wife, away from a life of crime.

All of Red Dead Redemption is based on seeing how this character fights to fulfill this. Coming to cross the border becoming a hero in the lands of the old west.

  • Joel Miller (The Last of Us)

People who have finished the first game or those who finished the first season of this work cannot objectively judge the actions of this character. Joel is a tragic protagonist who loses his daughter to the military during a zombie outbreak.

Thus becoming an unscrupulous smuggler survivor. That when he is given the mission to smuggle a girl for no reason, he ends up rediscovering his life and his purpose within that Post-apocalyptic world. Joel ends up being a means to an objective, but he is a character that stands out in both installments and is so closely linked to The Last of Us that it is impossible to make a list like this without mentioning him.

  • Kratos (God of War)

After the ghost of Sparta ended his cycle of revenge in the first trilogy and its respective spin-offs. Kratos ended up having a son in the Nordic lands after a long journey. If there is something that those who have played God of War highlight, it is the father and son relationship of Atreus and Kratos.

Showing a less violent side of the Spartan general who was once the god of war. Teaching, on the contrary, a rough but fair father, who teaches his daughter not to repeat the same mistakes. God of War also touches a lot on the family theme, contextualizing the family dynamics between gods so well that it is impossible not to mention it.

  • Scorpio (Mortal Kombat)

Hanzo Hasashi who was once a prolific ninja fighter in the use of the Sheng Biao (Rope Kunai). He became the vengeful ghost Scorpion after a mysterious enemy murdered his entire clan and his family.

Hanzo is another tragic character who goes through many angry moments that end up directing his character towards a path of self-improvement. Always remembering his family, but coming to understand that he should not only live on revenge.

Scorpion is an iconic figure in video games and while it is true that Hanzo has disappeared as a character in the new timelines of the game. It doesn't mean that you haven't heard once the characteristic “Get Over Here” of his best-known attack.

  • Bowser (Super Mario Bros 3)

Coming to possibly the most well-known and colorful father in video games, we must not forget that the infamous king of the Koopas has many children. The first time they are introduced is in Super Mario Bros 3, and they have recurring appearances in the saga; However, it was not until Mario Sunshine that the appearance of Bowser Jr. gave more plot weight to this colorful character.

Bowser is Mario's main antagonist and for this simple fact you almost certainly know him. For this and for his paternity throughout the games after Super Mario Bros 3, he is the most iconic father in video games in general.

Special Mentions of this Father's Day special

  • Hades

Like Dracula, this character represents an impediment to the main protagonist, but for a specifically family reason. Fiercely overprotective and sarcastic, Hades is a father who rebukes justly in order to defend a secret that could destroy his family.

Acting only on his own but coming to understand the importance of family ties at a certain point. Making him a character who ends up respecting his son, his wife and his close relatives.

  • Ethan Winters (Resident Evil 8)

Similar to the case of Harry Mason, Ethan is a character who is involved in a set of situations that make him face horrors to rescue his daughter. Although the plot of Resident Evil up to this point is more convoluted, since it is the eighth installment. Ethan manages to face a lot of undesirable monsters, all with the goal of saving his daughter.

  • Lee Everett (The Walking Dead)

Just as the apocalypse in The Last of Us surrounded several people to interact out of convenience, in the narrative game of The Walking Dead it happens out of survival. The narrative of this game was one of the most acclaimed at the time for Lee's character and his relationship with Clementine.

The heavy atmosphere of a zombie apocalypse can make a character who has no blood relationship with a girl become an overprotective father. Lee, like Joel, is decisive proof of this and everyone remembers him for it.

  • Heihachi Mishima (Tekken)

The first heir of the Mishima dynasty and one of the most iconic villains of the Tekken saga, like Scorpion, this character is an iconic fighter. Making recurring appearances in the Saga and standing out above the fighters with a story that is highly related to everything that happened.

The Mishima family is one of the central axes in the Tekken saga; This character is a father, illegitimate father and adoptive father at the same time. A notable figure that all Tekken fans know how to recognize just as any Mortal Kombat fan recognizes Scorpion.

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