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Tekken Director Asks Fans to Stop Submitting New Fighter Concepts

Katsuhiro Harada wants fans to understand some suggestions could cause legal problems

Since the proliferation of the internet, fans of social networks have had the possibility of being closer to those who develop their favorite video games. Although this could be seen as something positive from a point of view thanks to being able to obtain more direct feedback with the players... however, sometimes it could be a headache as in the case of Tekken.

One of the many not so positive cases is that of Tekken director and chief producer, Katsuhiro Hamada, who constantly receives many suggestions from fans to add to Tekken 8, the latest installment of Bandai Namco's fighting series.

En a post, Hamada discussed the frustrations and problems that can arise when fans send concepts to him or Bandai Namco without being asked. When sharing already developed ideas with the team, developers may have to avoid anything resembling a submitted concept, for fear of potential legal issues. 

“Basically, the more specific and detailed the idea, the less likely we are to adopt it and the further we are from being influenced by it,” Harada writes. "Because? Because a certain percentage of people will file a lawsuit in the form of 'you used my proposal without permission' or 'you stole my proposal' or 'that was my proposal.'"

Not all suggestions come with good intentions, and it doesn't just apply to Tekken

In the extensive publication, the director points out that, although together with Bandai Namco they have worked on campaigns with fans, many of these only remain in practice. This is because even though publishers require signing consent forms, that hasn't stopped some people from filing lawsuits after the fact.

This is true and extends not only to the case of Tekken, but to many other games where their developers have received constant suggestions from fans and, unfortunately, the new content that the developers are working on has similarities to what was created by fans and suffer scrutiny on social networks or legally due to a mere coincidence (or not).

In our review of Tekken 8, we assure that this delivery “It provides the renewal that this franchise needed. The warmth of this product is not only in the Heat of the battle, but in the soul that is felt in each of its modes. Fun, competitive, and accessible. Even if you are just a fan of the story or if you want to win international events, the essence of TEKKEN is back and with all the irons.” You can read it in full through this link.

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