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Dark and Darker enables free accounts but with some limitations

Those who want to access all the game's content will have to purchase the full version of medieval multiplayer

The medieval action FPS in dark dungeons, Dark and Darker enabled in its Homepage the creation of free accounts that will be able to access the game with some limitations.

After resolving legal problems with Nexon for “improper use of other people's intellectual property,” Dark and Darker is finally beginning to resurface and they have recently enabled their own launcher for the game where you can register with free accounts to play.

The game is still in early access and is not available on Steam or the Epic Store. However, with these new changes, the developers hope to make the title much more accessible to its fans before a final release.

Players who decide to create a free account will have a single character who will only have access to the normal mode of the game with no map limit. Those who want full access to all the game's capabilities will be able to pay to upgrade to the 'Legendary' version while keeping all the loot on their account.

With the release of this version, a balance of both offensive and defensive equipment has also been made, but maintaining the identity of the weapons and magic so characteristic of this game.

The developers of Dark and Darker have made an effort not to let the successful project die, which had its surge in players during its Early Access on Steam last year. Players rate it as a challenging experience that combines elements of Skyrim, Dark Souls, and Escape from Tarkov.

Although it is noted that the product is not fully finalized, that has not deprived players of enjoying the experience as they get closer and closer to a more stable version of IRONMANCE's dark multiplayer shooter.

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