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Minecraft creator reveals images of his new game

Markus Persson, also known as Notch, showed previews of Levers And Chests, a Dungeon Crawler with aesthetics similar to Minecraft

Markus Persson, also known in the Minecraft community as Notch, has published progress of his project through X. new Bitshift Entertainment studio. The publications show images about their new game, it is “Levers and Chests”, a Dungeon Crawler with Rogue-like elements and technology based on Voxels for its graphics.

Markus stated that he wants to maintain the cubic aesthetic of Minecraft and that is why he chose to base the game's textures on Voxels (Pixels in three-dimensional environments). In addition, it shows on networks the closed environments and maps designed for this game.

“The current direction I'm pushing this project towards is towards a Looter Shooter, but with unusual swords and capes instead of unusual weapons and shields.” Persson stated, describing it as “a Borderlands with 20 Dice.”

From the little that has been shown, it is seen that the project is still in a very early creative process, most of the previews shown by Notch reveal a 3D environment where the setting appears to be a dark dungeon.

He has even done modeling tests with Placeholders of Stock chests and enemies like the Pinky demons from the first Doom. He assured that he was still looking for an artist to take care of the models, so for now not much more can be said regarding Levers and Chests.

Markus Persson created the Bitshift Entertainent studio in April of this year after he separated from Mojang Studios projects.

Notch seems to trust a lot in this new project, which is why he has not stopped updating his X and studio profile with every trailer that shows at least a minimal preview of the game.

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