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How to Claim Exclusive Minecraft Anniversary Capes

Minecraft celebrates its 15th anniversary and through these simple steps you can claim the exclusive content of this celebration

On May 15, Minecraft began the celebration of its 15th anniversary where it has not stopped offering players exclusive content. And here at we ​​will teach you how to obtain the commemorative and collaborative layers of this event.

It must be taken into account that to make these exchanges through the game anniversary main page You will need to have an official Minecraft or Microsoft account, one on Twitch and one on TikTok if you want these layers exclusively.

How to get Minecraft anniversary capes

15th Anniversary Cape

Obtaining this layer is quite simple, through the anniversary home page You will have to go down to the “get the 15th anniversary cape” section. You must register with your Minecraft or Microsoft account and request the layer in this same section. Once you click on it, you will have this layer in your inventory.

Twitch Cape

With your session logged in on Twitch you must go to the Minecraft category and look for a Stream that has drops (rewards) activated. To verify that the drops are active, just observe in the chat that the message “Rewards activated in the channel” appears. After entering the Stream you will have to stay connected for 15 minutes or more until you get the notification to redeem the layer.

Once you have clicked on the redeem button, you will be assigned a code that you must enter in the official minecraft redemption page; You just have to be logged into your Minecraft or Microsoft account, enter the code and accept the item which will be immediately added to your account.

TikTok cape

To claim the TikTok layer you must log in with your account to a Minecraft live in your region that has rewards activated. Once there, the requirements to acquire the reward can range from Commenting something in the chat. Until you watch the live stream for a period of time decided by the transmitting account.

When you meet this requirement, TikTok will let you claim the reward, which you can see from the content of your account. Once there, they will provide you with a code again that you must enter in the minecraft redemption page. Once you enter the code with your Microsoft or Minecraft account you will have the item in your inventory.

Keep in mind that both the Twitch layer and the TikTok layer will be available starting July 8 in the Java version of the game. For the Bedrock edition they will be available once the account is approved.

Both versions of the game are discounted.

In celebration of Minecraft's 15th anniversary, Microsoft and Mojang are introducing special limited-time offers on Minecraft games. This means that, if you have not yet purchased Minecraft Premium in any of its editions, you can take advantage of these offers to do so.

The Bedrock & Java version is priced at $15 dollars in its standard version and $20 dollars for the Deluxe edition that contains additional content such as 1600 Minecoins, 5 maps, 5 character elements, 3 emoticons, 3 accessory packs and 1 texture pack.

On the other hand, the spin-offs of the famous block game such as Minecraft Legends have a price of $19.84 dollars and Minecraft Dungeons are only $10 dollars in their standard versions.

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