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Watchmen will have its animated adaptation and will be divided into two parts

With the production of Warner Bros. Animation, DC gave us a first look at the next adaptation of the comic

Warner Bros. Animation posted on their networks that a new adaptation is coming for Alan Moore's flagship comic. This new version of Watchmen will be divided into 2 parts, one that plans to premiere on August 13 and the other in 2025.

Initially announced at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2023, the company has finally decided to take a first look at this project. Exciting the fans and followers of this acclaimed comic.

The animation stands out among the seconds shown illustrating iconic pages of the comic. Showing a hybrid animation between 2D and 3D similar to what Marvel has done with the What If series or what Sony did with the Spiderverse movies.

It is unknown if this adaptation will suffer from the famous curse that fans claim "it is impossible to faithfully adapt Watchmen." However, from the little that has been shown, it is expected that the plot thread of the first chapters of the comic will be maintained.

These movies are a surprise for Watchmen fans. Since Zack Snyder's adaptation and the HBO sequel series, fans were not very happy with these previous adaptations.

However, the appearance of this project gives new hope to fans. Since the trailer shows scenes copied from the comics with this characteristic animation.

Also showing a large part of the vigilante cast after the murder of 'The Comedian' happens, as well as at the beginning of the first chapter of the comic.

Both films will be released on the HBO Max streaming service, just as the DC animated films are expected to have their respective dubbing into Latin Spanish.

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