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The third Angry Birds movie is already in production

Sega and Rovio confirmed that the third installment of Angry Birds is in development due to the boom in the video game movie market

Sega and Rovio recently announced through an article in Deadline that a third part for the Angry Birds movies is in development.

Based on the characters of the popular Rovio mobile game and managing to raise around $500 million dollars with its 2 previous films. The film adaptations of Angry Birds have been a moderate success, which is why Sega decided to create a third part.

While nothing specific has been defined for the release date and plot, it is believed that it will continue to explore the new characters introduced in the second film. Presenting new situations to the main protagonists.

You have to remember that Sega acquired Rovio last year, which gives them full rights over these types of projects involving the birds and pigs of the Angry Birds world.

It is estimated that Sega wants to continue taking advantage of the success of the video game adaptations that were so successful in the cinema last year. Sonic and Mario managed to raise millions and do not feel that it is a bad bet to develop new projects for this market.

What to expect from this third installment of Angry Birds?

It is not certain that Sony will once again be the distributor of the third installment, but several companies are involved in the project. Among which are mainly Sega and Rovio, in association with Prime Focus Studios, One Cool Group, Flywheel Media and Dentsu.

The return of all the English-speaking actors who gave life to the characters in the previous installments has also been confirmed. Important people from the animation industry are also involved in the project. Among them are producers, animators and directors who have participated in films such as: 'Sonic the Hedgehog', 'The Garfield Movie' and 'The Mitchells vs. the Machines'.

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